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Linear Positioning

Balluff Micropulse linear position transducers provide you with the most accurate and reliable position control signals on the market. Balluff’s non-contact magnetostrictive technology means performance does not degrade over time, as with linear potentiometers. Micropulse transducers are available with a variety of housing styles and electrical outputs to fit a wide range of applications.

Balluff Transducers have achieved a worldwide name for accuracy, stability, and rock-solid dependability. This doesn’t happen accidentally. Micropulse sensors are designed from the bottom up to exceed expectations in rigorous industrial environments. Balluff understands that quality, performance, and dependability are but a part of the story. Numerous applications need numerous products with options that enhance usability and improve method potency

Balluff Transducers are second to none when it comes to cylinder position. Do you need to track the position of a hydraulic cylinder or linear slide? If so Balluff is, hands down, the best option for you.

Micropulse Linear Transducers

Explosion-Proof Transducers

Magnetic Linear Encoders

Analog output sensors (Inductive, photoelectric, ultrasonic)


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