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Euchner Non-Locking Safety Switches

EUCHNER safety switches are an integral part of a machine’s safety system. If a door is opened at a hazardous machine cell during the machine cycle, the safety circuit is immediately interrupted and the machine stops before injury to personnel can occur. All applicable international requirements for safety are met with EUCHNER switches so you are assured of being able to implement these switches throughout the world. Contact ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana today for assistance in making your safety system the best it can be.

Plastic Housing

  • NM Switch

  • NQ Switch

  • NP Switch

  • GP Switch

  • SGP Switch

Metal Housing

  • SGA Switch

  • NZ Switch

  • NX Switch

File Name File Size
Euchner NM 1 MB
Euchner NQ 2 MB
Euchner NP 1 MB
Euchner GP 1 MB
Euchner SGP 1 MB
Euchner SGA 2 MB
Euchner NZ 1 MB
Euchner NX 2 MB