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Rope Pull Switches


Euchner makes the highest quality Safety Rope Pull Switch on the market. It offers features found nowhere else. The rope pull is a fairly simple concept. It allows for a single estop circuit to be accessible anywhere along the rope. Simply pull the rope and an instantaneous safety stop signal is sent to the machine. The most common use of rope pull switches is conveyors. It allows for an estop anywhere along the line without needing to wire estops every few feet. The rope can go around corners or change heights with the use of pulleys and eye bolts.


Euchner offers an easy set up due to the integrated turnbuckle. This allows one person to set the tension of the rope standing right in front of the switch. It also offers easily visible LED lights so you know if the switch has been tripped. A signal is provided if the rope somehow breaks, and will not allow the machine to restart until maintenance is done on the rope and the system.


Please contact ISEcontrols to assist with any Rope-Pull applications you may have. We are able to assist you nationwide from our office in Indianapolis, IN