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Pansonic Automation

Panasonic, through ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana, offers total automation solutions that incorporate PLCs, human machine interfaces, and static management devices.

Panasonic PLC’s are extremely advanced in capability including but not limited to PID functionality, electronic cam systems, and multi-axis positioning. All this functionality exists in a very compact package. Their PLC’s have passed rigorous testing and meet or exceed the international standards for performance. This guarantees that your investment in Panasonic PLC’s will be a long term benefit to you. Panasonic’s programming software FPWIN Pro was one of the first in the world to comply with the international programming standard, IEC 61131-3. In addition to great products, Panasonic also has well trained engineers who are ready to assist you in implementing their PLC’s into your system.
Panasonic HMIs are among the brightest, sharpest and most versatile operator panels on the market. Building custom screens for your application has never been so easy. Utilizing integral tools like Panasonic’s time saving 3D elements libraries can enable you to setup your operator panels quickly and painlessly. From LED text displays to 12.1” 32,768 color touch screens, Panasonic has your HMI requirements covered.
Static charge on production lines can have devastating effects on sensitive work in-process parts. The answer is the family of Panasonic static sensing and reduction sensors. Their high-frequency AC ionizers provide extraordinarily quick charge reduction by emitting a precisely balanced ion stream on to your components before static discharge can harm them.

File Name File Size
Panasonic HMI 3 MB
Panasonic PLC 3 MB
Panasonic Static Control 36