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Panasonic and ISE Controls have seen partners in the machine safety market for many years. From its Indianapolis, Indiana facility, ISE Controls has expertise second to none in safety applications to provide the protection that is required in the industrial work place. Panasonic is a major product line in this area and is relied on heavily to provide all the safety products that you need.

SF4B Standard Panasonic Light Curtain

The SF4B series of Panasonic safety light curtains are compact curtains that meet category four safety per EN 61496-1 /-2 and performance level PLe in keeping with EN ISO 13849.This family of light curtains is offered in three unique beam pitches (10mm, 20mm und 40mm) and in various sensing heights. This series stands out in its flexibility and wide selection of accessories. With its “Edge-to-Edge” design, and series connectivity guarantee an installation without dead zones. Corner mirrors can be used to save money by reducing the number of curtains required.

• No dead zone with series connectivity
• Short reaction time of <14ms
• OSSD1 and OSSD2 switchable for NPN/PNP
• Integrated muting management
• Fixed and floating blanking operations
• Self-diagnostic system with status indicator
• No interference from extraneous light because of ELCA (Extraneous Light Check & Avoid) operation (especially suited to welding robots)
• LED indication for beam-axis alignment, that simplifies mounting
• Handy controller SFB-HC
Ultra slim safety light curtain with LED indicators, Type 4
The Panasonic SF4C series has been designed to provide a safeguarding answer for machines but not get in the way of the operator due to its small profile. This insures safety for the operators while not sacrificing productivity. SF4C is the industry’s initial ultra-slim safety light curtain with LED bars on both the transmitter and receiver sides of the light curtain. The LED bars offer a widely visible indicator which may be customized for varied applications with the assistance of independent external inputs. The indicator may be used as an operation indicator, as a problem indicator or as a muting lamp.
• Large inherent multi-purpose LED indicators
• Auto-interference prevention = ELCA operation
• 4 sets of beam-axis adjustment indicators
• Digital error readout
• Output polarity setting
• IP67 protection
• Fast reaction time of 7ms for all models
• Various blanking functions
• Manual reset / automatic reset
• External device monitor
• New! 2 N.C. safety inputs
• New! Varied muting functions (e.g. exit muting control)
Safety liquid leak detector, type 4
SQ4 series safety leak sensors discover leaks and prevent danger ensuing from them. The two-part style, consisting of the detector and the mounting bracket, simplifies installation. The detector itself incorporates two-stage detection: a detection unit at the front of the device outputs a warning if it comes into contact with liquid, whereas if the detection unit in the center of the detector becomes immersed, the leak is considered crucial and the detector initiates an emergency stop. Up to four safety liquid leak sensors may be connected to the SQ4-C11 controller.
• Two-stage detection (mild leak, crucial leak)
• Type 4, PLe, SIL3 (with SQ4-C11 controller)
• Chemically resistant housing (PFA)
• Operation without the controller is available
Two Hand control Palm Button
Panasonic has developed a non-contact, optical alternative to electromechanical palm buttons. With two optical components the SW101 and SW111 become a very ergonomic option for two hand controls. When integrated with a timed safety relay, these optical devices will solve your machine initiation needs without causing the side effects of continuous motion.