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The Sprecher + Schuh CA7 series of standard and special purpose contactors represents the most modern and flexible power contactor available today. A wide selection of frame sizes allows the CA7 to cover its horsepower range (up to 75HP @ 460/575V). Their product are suited for reversing applications, lighting applications, and switching heaters or transformers. Also, they are rated for elevator duty, NEMA ratings or HVAC ratings. Various features include low power DC electronic coils, dual power terminals, force guided contacts approved for safety applications, and electronic interfaces. Many of the contactors are only 45mm wide, and are performance rated at 1 million operations or more.


The Sprecher + Schuh CA6 contactor line combines the features and functionality of their CA7 series with the rugged performance requirement demanded in this mid-horsepower range. On average, these contactors are half the physical size compared to traditional contactors in this horsepower range. CA6 contactors range from 75 to 700 HP.


CA5 Series contactors were created for large horsepower applications with a design that is as much as 40% smaller than traditional contactors in this horsepower range. The CA5 series consists of 4 contactors in 2 frame sizes for motors from 500 to 900 HP. Products are used in most applications including reversing applications and switching heaters or transformers. This line is well suited for rugged industrial applications using large equipment.


The CA8 mini-contactors provide an extremely compact but reliable method of controlling motors of 7.5 HP or less. The CA8 is a cost effective choice for applications where space is tight or where a small enclosure is needed. Reversing contactors are available. When the CA8 mini-contactor is coupled with a CT8 overload relay the result is a space saving, small sized starter.


The Sprecher + Schuh Definite Purpose contactors are perfect for air conditioning, refrigeration, resistive heating or lighting applications where an economical contactor is needed. The product range includes: 30 and 40 amp 1-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole and 4-pole versions. The 3-pole family of products include up to 90 full load motor amps or 120 resistive amps.


The contactor has always been the heart of any control manufacturer’s product mix. Sprecher and Schuh is no different. They are very proud of the quality, dependability, versatility, and cost effectiveness of the complete range of products in their contactor family. ISE Controls, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is equally proud to be able to associate our reputation with that of Sprecher + Schuh. Call ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana today to see how Sprecher + Schuh can help you to improve your control system.



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