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CS7 and CS8 Industrial Control Relays have the same physical design as the CA7 and CA8 contactors respectively. They are small and created for use in tough industrial control applications where dependability and flexibility are required. The general purpose CS7 is the standard relay with versions up to 30 amps. The CS7-B and CS8 use bifurcated, gold plated contacts which are designed for low level circuits.


Sprecher + Schuh’s RZ7 electronic timing relays provide many output functions applicable to various industrial control needs. With up to 19 different timing functions and timing ranges from .05 seconds to 60 hours, the RZ7 family of timing relays can fit most industrial applications for timing circuits. The RZ7-FS-EX model is designed for UL Class 1, Div. 2 locations with SPDT or DPDT contact arrangements.


Sprecher + Schuh markets the Relpol line of plug-in type relays for control applications. The Relpol family of R2N/R4N/R15/RUC/RY2 plug-in relays are available with multiple coil voltages and many standard features such as LED indication and push-to-test levers. The PIR6W is a SPDT terminal block relay and is available in various control voltage models. The PI84/85 interface PCB relays include a PCB relay, LED indication module, finger-safe socket with retainer clip and identification plate. The PCB relays are rated up to 16 amps in DPDT or SPDT contact forms.


Gefran Solid State Relays are also marketed by Sprecher + Schuh. They offer a wide array of sizes and 2 mounting options. Gefran is a world leader in the design and manufacture of measurement and control solutions with their solid state timing relays.

If your application includes the need for a very accurate and reliable timing relay, contact ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana to select the correct product for you.

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