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Baumer Electric defines itself as a company devoted to technological advancement. They strive to create the best sensors in terms of quality, cost effectiveness and reliability, ever produced. Since this has been their focus for a great many years, Baumer is well suited to develop and support the broadest line of factory automation sensors in the world.  Baumer presence sensing products include inductive proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, laser sensors, very accurate limit switches, and a broad line of encoders.

Your automation project will be enhanced greatly when Baumer sensors are incorporated into the designs. With Baumer Electric’s advanced products coupled with ISE Controls thorough understanding of the capabilities of the sensors when applied in diverse applications, the success of your project is assured.
ISE Controls is eager to assist you in the selection of the best alternative methods of accomplishing your goals. From its Indianapolis, Indiana facility, ISE Controls can ship Baumer product in a timely fashion to wherever you are located.


Inductive sensors are used when you need to detect a ferrous or non-ferrous metal object from a fairly close range. Grease, dirt and grime have no effect on the performance of the sensor, as the switch will ignore such environmental issues. There will be a derating factor for the sensor range for the various non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper or stainless steel. Contact ISE Controls, in Indianapolis, Indiana for assistance in selecting the best alternative for your needs.

Photoelectric sensors are optical noncontact sensors that detect the presence or absence of a part in its field of view.  The various light sources such as visible red, infrared, or laser, allow photoelectric sensors to detect different color, size and shaped objects. These sensors have a variety of sensing method and technologies that they use such as through beam, retroreflective, diffuse and background suppression, which is a technology that Baumer particularly excels at. There are many paths to take when selecting the right photoelectric sensor. ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana will make that job easy for you.


Capacitive sensors are designed to detect any material reliably. This technology is often reserved for the very toughest presence sensing applications where there are circumstances that prevent other types of sensors from working. These sensors are often used to detect liquids through a tank wall by tuning out the plastic tank wall or by mounting the sensor in a sensor well that is mounted in the tank wall. There are high temperature versions, high pressure versions as well as stainless steel or Teflon housings for corrosive atmospheres. ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana, will help you select the best alternative for your capacitive sensor needs.