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AMETEK consists of two operating groups, both with highly-differentiated technology and leading positions in niche markets:
1) Electronic Instruments – a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of advanced analytical, test and measurement instrumentation for the energy, aerospace, power, research, medical and industrial markets.
2) Electromechanical – a differentiated supplier of automation and precision motion control solutions, and highly engineered electrical interconnects, specialty metals and thermal management systems.


  • Windjammer

  • Nautilair

  • Rotron

  • Lamb

  • Prestolite

Windjammer: These blowers offer variable output for a wide range of vacuum or pressure applications.

Nautilair: These combustion blowers offer practical solutions for a wide range of applications, including commercial and residential boilers, hot water heaters, furnaces, food service equipment, kilns, and fuel cells, among others.

Rotron: Regenerative blowers are designed based on the regenerative principle. The impeller blades passing the inlet port of the blower draw air or other gasses into the blower. The impeller blades then, by centrifugal action, accelerate the air outward and forward. Here the “regenerative” principle takes effect as the air is turned back by the annular shaped housing to the base of the following blades where it is again hurled outward. Each “regeneration” imparts more pressure to the air.

Lamb: Lamb vacuum motors have been a staple in the vacuum and blower industry for many years. They are preferred because they have proven to be both durable and dependable.

Prestolite: Whatever the application, be it traction, pump, or mechanical, AMETEK Prestolite Motors can engineer a motor to meet your specific requirements.

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