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Murr Elektronik

Murr elektronik has an array of electrical and electronic products that aid in the interconnectivity and installation of various products in automation. Or their products may reside in the control cabinet to improve the reliability of your control system. Their vast range of products guarantees you that they have what you need.
If your system has simple quick disconnect cabling or advanced bus network connectivity, Murr has many products that will fit your needs. Automating your system becomes easy when you start using Murr products.
They have sales offices and facilities all over the world that allows them to grow with the market. ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana can take the advantages that Murr offers and apply them to your specific requirements. With the customer in focus, Murr Elektronik’s motto is “Stay Connected”. Give ISE Controls a call to experience what this can mean for you.

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Murr Catalog 45 MB