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Being a leader in AC Drive technology, Hitachi America, Ltd. makes the Variable Frequency Drive that will meet your application. One of the main components of any manufacturer’s industrial inverter is the IBGT’s that help to recreate the AC sine wave. Hitachi is by far the largest manufacturer of IGBT’s in the world. With this position in the market, Hitachi can produce drives that have features, functions, and reliability not found in anyone else’s drive. One feature that Hitachi excels at is providing high torque at very low speeds.

There is a great amount of commonality between models and families of products in the Hitachi line of drives. The programming and configuration software is easy to learn and common across the product family making the drives very easy to implement. The cost effective Hitachi VFD family is available and supported from ISE Controls’ Indianapolis, Indiana facility.

Ask ISE Controls how you can get 200% torque at 1/2hz.

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