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Vynckier non-metallic enclosures are versatile. Their products range from small, handheld pushbutton enclosures to large freestanding cabinets. Vynckier has a large inventory of products, in order to meet your needs in a timely manner.
Vynckier forms their enclosures with Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester or FRP. This provides you with protection of your valuable instrumentation against the harsh conditions in the industrial arena. FRP is an advanced material consisting of a polyester resin base with organic fillers to facilitate flow and to get special physical characteristics like ultraviolet resistance, halogen-free and self-extinguishing properties.

Vynckier utilizes the foremost advanced method for molding its enclosures. Our hot compression molding method provides more superior flow of material into tight corner areas than cold molding method. This produces a stronger resulting product, permitting the glass fibers to run in each direction. Injection molding only permits the glass fibers to run in a single direction.

Vynckier enclosures are light-weight, durable, watertight and non-corroding. They’re a superior option to metal enclosures. Vynckier’s history for manufacturing these quality products spans over forty years.

Some of the advantages that Vynckier has as a result of the materials used and the processes followed are:

Moisture/Dust Proof
Whatever the conditions; wash-down, rain, condensation or blown dirt, Vynckier has the enclosure to suit your application.

Stress Proof
With fiberglass reinforced Polyester (FRP) enclosures from Vynckier, field modification is a snap.

Corrosion Proof
For economical corrosion control there’s no greater answer than a non-metallic enclosure from Vynckier. With all these advantages, and the sales support from ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana, Vynckier has the correct solution for you as far as product, budget, and timely delivery. Contact ISE Controls today to discuss the use of Vynckier non-metallic enclosures.

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