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SolaHD is a manufacturer that is a merger of two industry leaders within their particular markets. The Sola name has been synonymous with DC power supplies and power correction products for many years, while Hevi-Duty has had the same prominence in the control and dry type transformer market. Now that they are sold together, the resulting company is a force in the AC as well as DC power distribution business. ISE Controls, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is proud to be a distributor of SolaHD products.

The heart of the Sola power supply family of products is the SDN-C series of DC power supplies. These “Industry Standard” power supplies have all the features desired by the industrial market place such as Din Rail mounting, sag immunity, power factor correction, and universal input voltages. In addition a wide range of operating temperature and parallel operation capability adds to the products versatility.

If your application demands even greater performance than is offered in the SDN-C, Sola offers the SDN-P series of power supplies. Advancements such as high shock and vibration rating, the ability to supply a high inrush load with, ”Power Boost”,  and bus network connectivity make this series the perfect option for today’s industrial environment.

If mounting the power supply in an enclosure poses a problem, the Sola SCP-X series of power supplies is IP67 rated without an enclosure. It can be mounted by itself and supply local DC voltage to your application. Distributed control on such things as conveyors and packaging machinery are perfect opportunities for the SCP-X power supply.

The SVL series power supply from Sola is a high volume, economical alternative to the other families of product. When simple no-frills power supplies are needed, the SVL series will keep you under budget but the reliability and dependability of the Sola name is not compromised.

Also under the Sola brand name is the various surge protectors, power conditioners and Uninterruptable Power Supplies. Sola has a very broad product offering and each product is full of features specifically needed in a particular industry. ISE Controls has the ability to help you to select the proper product for your requirements.

The Hevi-Duty brand of control transformers has been a premier line of product for many years. From the standard SBE series of open style copper wound transformers to totally encapsulated transformers, and finally enclosed transformers to be mounted on the outside of the control panel, Hevi Duty dominates the industrial market.

Also within the Hevi Duty product family is a complete line of General Purpose Dry Type Transformers. Many different single phase and three phase primary and secondary voltages are available. There are energy efficient versions as well as the traditional models. With sizes ranging from 15KVA to 500KVA, Hevi Duty can provide the transformer you need. Often times we can ship the transformer to you within a day or two. Ask ISE Controls about free shipping on your order.

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