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Quality Checking

Poke Yoke is a term originating in lean manufacturing. It is a process whereby human errors are found and fixed before the manufacturing process is complete. It is a method by which faults are eliminated before defective final goods are made. We at ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana use our expertise in distance measurement and part presence to help manufacturing test their parts to make sure that they are within tolerances and tooling of the parts has been done accurately. If a defect is found, the engineers can modify the manufacturing process so it does not happen again. Many times this will vastly reduce the costly recall process and increase the end product customer satisfaction. We can suggest a variety sensors to help in this regard.

The degree of accuracy of each measurement when you check the quality of the parts made, determines the sophistication of each sensor. ISE Controls will work with you to implement the best sensors to assure the quality of your manufactured parts.