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Meanwell, worldwide has been dedicated to the power supply industry through its design, production and sales of many varieties of power supply products for more than 30 years. With non-stop advancement and expansion of its line it is easy to see Meanwell’s dedication to offering customers with the most superior quality power supply products and services on the market. Its position as a world leader in standard power supply products, allows MeanWell to aim for balancing technology, culture, and environmental protection.

Meanwell is on a non-stop chase of the very best quality and innovation. While still providing the industry’s lowest cost. Meanwell is pound for pound, dollar for dollar the best choice for any power supply need.

ISE Controls can help you to select the best alternative as far as physical size, regulation, and electrical output. Thereby, you can count on being satisfied with the power supply that you choose.

Meanwell has been one of the largest manufacturers of power supplies for many years. This has included a large amount of private labeling for the largest names in the power supply business. So if you are saying: “That Meanwell power supply looks just like this higher priced one I am currently using.” It probably is the same and ISE Controls can help you save money

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