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Paletti USA manufactures machine guarding and structures from T slot extruded aluminum. They also produce linear actuators. All products are designed to order. Paletti is capable of assisting with everything from a small protective fencing project to a large three axis slide system.

Paletti Profile system was founded recently but has quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of forward thinking production methods, and technologies. Paletti’s product strength is tied to its development and production of a universally mountable, modular profile system, made from extruded aluminum.

Paletti’s founding was rooted in a basic concept of developing the most flexible system for machine and plant construction while remaining economically competitive.
Armed with the most current CNC fabrication facilities and with the support of an excellent group of engineers and specialists, Paletti has in a very short time become a go to name in the Extruded Aluminum market.
This value of flexibility is becoming the foundation for present industry. With companies ever increasing their emphasis regarding improvements to process of production and their ever-changing to existing work flows, it has become necessary to build machines and systems with the utmost of flexibility and compatibility.

Paletti, sold through ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana is your source for high quality extruded profile systems. We, at ISE Controls will help every step of the way from idea to design (CAD drawings) to purchase to assembly. Their service is second to none for the price. They will meet or exceed just about any deadline.

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