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Datalogic Industrial Automation leads the industry in solutions that improve your process as far as examination and sortation, presence sensing, identification, and part tracking. With the acquisitions of Accu-Sort bar code systems and PPT Vision, Datalogic now offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, technologies and solutions.  All this, delivered by a team of adept creative people at ISE Controls, from our Indianapolis, Indiana facility, dedicated to providing superior service to customers. Datalogic and ISE Controls are your partners in the Industrial Automation market.

Datalogic Industrial Automation has a comprehensive offering of products and solutions for traceability, examination and identification, and detection applications, as well as, safety applications in industrial plant automation and logistics processes. ISE Controls has a wealth of application knowledge to help you in all these areas.

Even the most stringent identification applications, should start with Datalogic Industrial Automation’s leading products within the market. They manufacture the world’s most comprehensive family of fixed-mount laser line and omnidirectional scanners. They also provide the most up to date CCD vision technology with the world’s largest active base of CCD systems for bar code reading and dimensioning. The broadest decryption library that has been developed throughout the years allows all of our AUTO-ID products and solutions to streamline your processes. ISE Controls will test your application with the family of products from Datalogic to find the best, but cost effective solution to meet your needs.


Datalogic Industrial Automation offers a best-in-class, comprehensive product portfolio of sensors. If your need is for photoelectric and proximity sensors, rotary encoders, temperature controllers or measurement devices, their products are leaders in the performance/cost ratio. Their product lines offer solutions for applications involving color, luminescence, label detection, and dimensional and distance measurement. Let ISE Controls, in Indianapolis, Indiana, suggest the most cost effective solution for your application by using Datalogic sensors.

Datalogic offers a comprehensive line of type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains for machine safeguarding and access control in dangerous areas. Their product range starts with basic, on off capabilities all the way to advanced functions, such as integrated muting, override, blanking, cascading, and configurable models. The entire breadth of product will assure you that your system is safe for operators as well as other personnel and visitors in the hazardous area. ISE Controls can help you to safeguard your machinery with Datalogic safety products.

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