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Comtronic – BTI

COMITRONIC – BTI strives to put the safety of machine and personnel at the core of its business. They have produced a technology that is innovate and unique in the market. They may look similar to many competitors but rest assured their safety switches are creating a safe work environment in a much different way. They produced the first Multi-coded non-contact safety switch which opened many doors to customers all over the world. Listening to those customers has driven the technological advancements of Comitronic-BTI over the years. But at its core the multi-coded non-contact technology has been what sets Comitronic-BTI apart.

This technology is based on 2 coded electronic signals on each switch. These signals allow for redundancy for safety requirement. This dual signal also allows for a large sensing field which helps with misalignment. If you are currently using or have used Coded magnets, there is a good chance you have had to deal with misalignment of the tag and read head. This can happen over time due to vibration or a sagging door. Comitronic-BTI’s large field of view allows for a large amount of misalignment so they do not trip due to things such as vibration. They also can work through metal, or plastic. So the switches can be concealed for protection or aesthetics. This also allows them to offer a large variety of switches in Stainless steel housing, perfect for the food and beverage, Pharmaceutical, or chemical industries.

Their products include but are not limited to coded non-contact safety switches in rugged plastic and stainless-steel housings rated for wash-down and corrosive atmospheres, non-contact interlocks, and a large selection of safety relays. They comply with the most recent safety standards and approvals, and assist to cut back the machine downtime resulting from faulty switches.

ISE Controls, from its Indianapolis, Indiana facility can help you select the best safety products from COMITRONIC-BTI for your needs.

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