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There are thousands of applications that ISE Controls has been involved with. Some of our most popular applications are featured below, however we are able to assist you in most industrial control and sensing applications. Please contact us at 317-255-1327 to see how ISE Controls can work with you to meet your needs.

  • Distance Measuring

    Distance Measuring is done in a number of differen..
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  • Machine Guarding / Safety Fencing

    Machine safeguarding is done with a variety of dif..
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  • Motion & Control

    Motion Control is a very broad concept but ISE Con..
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  • Motor Protection

    Motor protection is a requirement of the national ..
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  • Panel Building Hardware

    Many of our customers either are in the business o..
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  • Part Positioning

    Part positioning is really two different applicati..
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  • Part Presence

    When the task at hand is to detect the presence of..
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  • Quality Checking - Poke Yoke

    Poke Yoke is a term originating in lean manufactur..
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  • Robotic Automation

    There are many ways to look at robotic automation...
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  • Thickness Gauging

    The most important information required for thickn..
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  • 2D Bar Code

    Industrial barcode is not all that different from ..
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  • Color/Contrast Sensing

    ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana has a number..
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