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Walther Electric manufactures over 10,000 products made with the highest quality and design as a guideline. Walther’s core products include heavy duty and reliable plug and receptacle systems, built from international standards that are often utilized in harsh areas where dirt, dust, moisture and corrosion may be a problem.

Walther Electric is a global company that’s committed to providing electrical interconnect products and power distribution systems to customers & industries round the world in a time frame that meets the expectations of its customers. Walther Headquarters is in in Eisenberg, Germany with full service subsidiaries in the USA, The UK, France and Austria.

Established in 1897 – and from the start Walther has been famous for its progressive engineering and innovative product styles and production capabilities. All Walther products are designed and made to not only meet but to exceed industrial necessities for improved safety and customer performance demand.

Walther Electric’s innovative and technical product portfolio includes IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve interconnect devices, Procon ”Heavy Duty” connectors, motor disconnect and switches, ”e-Mobility” electrical vehicle charging interconnect devices and charging stations.

When you are in demand of quality electrical interconnects, power distribution systems, and knowledgeable service, contact ISE Controls, in Indianapolis, Indiana and request Walther electrical product.

“WE ARE” your complete solution supplier.