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Part Presence

When the task at hand is to detect the presence of a part or object, you need to determine the physical characteristics of the part first. There are various technologies that are used to produce sensors for this purpose and each one has distinct advantages and disadvantages in certain circumstances. For instance a diffuse photoelectric sensor and an ultrasonic sensor are similar in how they detect the part, but are very different in the effectiveness depending on the part itself. If the part is made of a sound absorbing material such as cork, an ultrasonic sensor will not work very well because the sound won’t reflect off of the surface of the part and back to the sensor. Similarly, if the part is clear such as a bottle, the photoelectric sensor will not work well because the light passes through the object and not back to the sensor. In this case, the ultrasonic sensor is the better alternative.

Many times your particular application will fall in between these examples and there will be multiple ways to accomplish the results desired. That is where ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana excels. We will often provide multiple suggestions to you, the customer, and you can decide for yourself which is better for you. There could be a cost preference, or a reliability preference or both. We can help you come to the best decision.