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Techtop is a manufacturer of AC motors, and is second to none in quality and reliability. Not all motors are made equal, Techtop has a number of exclusive features which make them the best choice. All with a very economical price.

Techtop builds into their standard motors many features that make it stand out against its competition. Some but not all of these features are:
•    Ingress protection through the use of special seals, gaskets, and drains
•    Pressure relief valve to prevent over greasing
•    Inverter duty wire, phase insulation, and lap winding pattern insulate their coils to prevent shorts
•    Vacuum impregnation eliminates air bubbles in the windings to counter the results of corona effect
•    Removable feet
•    Lifting strap included with larger motors

Contact ISE Controls, in Indianapolis, Indiana today to request a quote. Often times we can cross a competitor’s part number over and provide a top quality motor for less money.

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