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Industrial barcode is not all that different from the products used at the checkout lane of your local grocery store. It is a process of identifying products via markings. Industrial barcode is a more rugged version. It has been packaged in housings suitable for today’s production and warehousing facilities. Sometimes the barcode is placed on the target in various places and the scanner needs to be able to read code, even though the label is oriented and positioned differently from one product to the next. In this case, a vision or image based scanner can be used to read the code.

Today’s barcodes come in many shapes and sizes. ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana is ready to help you design a new system or add on to your existing system. Whether the barcode technology that you require is the traditional “picket fence” or “ladder” style or the 2D variety, we offer Datalogic brand products and are able to read all the codes on the market.