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Unitronics’ innovative approach to reliable automation is driven by in-depth knowledge of the needs of the automation control industry. This knowledge is gained through the company’s decades of experience with diverse projects in automated parking systems, packaging and palletizing, energy production, agriculture, HVAC, food, dairy, chemical, wastewater, boiler industries, plastic extrusion, and other industrial channels.

In addition to their full catalog of products Austin Enclosures excels in customization. They can do anything from adjusting a dimension of a standard box to a completely customized solution.

ISE Controls can help you select the enclosure that fits your needs from its Indianapolis, Indiana facility. We can ship product to wherever you are and in a timely fashion.

Ask ISE about your Stainless Steel needs!!!!


  • PLCs

    Unistream (High-end), Vision Series (Advanced), Samba(Small machines), Jazz & M91 (Simple Machines).

  • Servo

    Drives, Motors, Cables (standard and robotics) – all seamlessly supported by Unitronics’ PLCs, HMIs, & VFDs for precise motion control.

  • VFD

    Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)—also called inverters—optimize machine performance, save energy, and lower machine life cycle costs across a range of applications.