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ISE Controls has the experience and expertise you need to solve all your automation and control applications.

Control Products

With the experience and expertise in the industrial control market that exists at ISE Controls, they are the best company for you to contact concerning controlling and automating your process. ISE Controls has assembled a list of manufacturers that individually dominate their specific market, but sold together form a force in the industrial market place. With Motor Control, PLC’s, Variable Frequency Drives, HMI’s, Industrial Connectors, Enclosures, Fuses, Motion Control Products and much more, ISE Controls is well equipped to provide you the absolute best solutions available for your applications. ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana is proud to have partnered with powerful manufacturers for these products.

  • AC Motors

    AC Motors are the center of the control and automation indus..
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  • Connectors

    From quick disconnect cables, industrial plugs and connector..
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  • Enclosures

    Whether your application calls for an industrial steel elect..
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  • Encoders and Counters

    ISE Controls has as one of its manufacturing suppliers, Enco..
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  • Fuses

    A very new addition to the ISE Controls product mix is the L..
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  • Human Machine Interfaces

    At ISE Controls, we have been providing HMI touchscreens for..
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  • Industrial Controls

    After the motor itself, the control and protection of that m..
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  • Linear Slides

    Linear slides are robust extruded aluminum rails that couple..
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  • Motor Speed Controllers

    There are a few different ways to change the speed of a moto..
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  • PLC

    The brains of an electrical control system is the PLC. At IS..
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  • Power Supplies

    Most of the industrial world has moved to 24VDC control beca..
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  • Servo Motors and Controls

    When you need to move something on a machine, most often, yo..
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  • Transformers

    From open frame control transformers to enclosed dry type st..
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  • Visual and Audible Induction

    Often times, you need to alert personnel around a process or..
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