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Baumer Electric defines itself as a company devoted to technological advancement. They strive to create the best sensors in terms of quality, cost effectiveness and reliability, ever produced. Since this has been their focus for a great many years, Baumer is well suited to develop and support the broadest line of factory automation sensors in the world.  Baumer presence sensing products include inductive proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, laser sensors, very accurate limit switches, and a broad line of encoders.

Your automation project will be enhanced greatly when Baumer sensors are incorporated into the designs. With Baumer Electric’s advanced products coupled with ISE Controls thorough understanding of the capabilities of the sensors when applied in diverse applications, the success of your project is assured.
ISE Controls is eager to assist you in the selection of the best alternative methods of accomplishing your goals. From its Indianapolis, Indiana facility, ISE Controls can ship Baumer product in a timely fashion to wherever you are located.


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