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MTL Instruments

If your facility has areas that are considered hazardous locations by Factory Mutual, you may want to call ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana to get assistance on the use of Intrinsic Safety barriers from MTL Instruments. Applied correctly, IS barriers will reduce or eliminate the hazard and keep your personnel and facility safe from explosions.
MTL is a pioneer in the IS field as evidenced by their innovation of the “shunt diode” safety barrier. This family of barriers are passive devices that use Zener diodes and resistors to divert excess power to ground, thereby eliminating the potential of a spark in machine located in the hazardous area. These are low cost alternatives to other styles of barriers and have easy connectivity through analog or high speed digital connections. The MTL700 was MTL’s first shunt diode barrier and it was almost immediately an industry standard. Today the MTL700 has been replaced by the MTL7700 but the old style can still be purchased for replacement purposes.

With the MTL7700, extending the heritage, their commitment to Zener barriers is confirmed for several years into the future.

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