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For over 60 years, Euchner has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying reliable and dependable products for the industrial marketplace. The innovative multiple limit switch, the first electromechanical safety switches, and recently the Multi-Function Gate Box or MGB all have been revolutionary products invented by Euchner. Throughout the history of the company, they have had the same, Safety for individuals, machinery and products.

Today, with the broad line of products that they manufacture, they are well suited to provide the best solutions to your specific needs. Whether it is an industrial control or positioning need or a machine guarding requirement, Euchner has the answer. ISE Controls is proud to associate themselves with the Euchner organization. When ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana begins the process of assisting a customer to design the best system for their needs, Euchner is the first place they go for the most reliable, globally available safety and control products on the market. We at ISE Controls hope that you are the next customer that we can work with to improve your safety system.

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