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Thickness Gauging

The most important information required for thickness gauging is how accurate do you need the measurement to be. Often times what the customer asks for and what can be done economically are two different things. So, the first thing we at ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana will do is try to find out what is wanted versus what is needed in an application. Sometimes they are the same, but often times a less sophisticated sensor is adequate and the cost is within the customer’s budget. The highest degree of accuracy almost always translates to the most expensive sensor. We will work to find the best alternative for you.

The other aspect of thickness gauging is whether or not the part can be fixed on a flat known surface so we only need to measure the other side. If not, specialized two sensor products will need to be incorporated to measure both side and do the math to calculate the distance. Often times this will require controllers that take into account the degree of linearity of the measurements.