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Castell Safety International is known worldwide for the manufacture of trapped key safety interlocks. Since they were founded in 1922, innovation and invention have been their focus. During the electrification of London, they produced products to safeguard the workers installing the electrical grid.
Now, from its 5 international locations, Castell designs and manufactures the world’s widest variety of heavy duty safety interlocking systems. The same customer focus applies today that was present in London many years ago.

Castell is known for producing the most rugged switches on the market; therefore, their products are well suited for use in harsh and demanding locations. Above all though, their trapped key systems are used to safeguard personnel wherever injury can occur and in any industrial location.

Castell’s focus is on understanding the safety hazards found in today’s industrial environments. Sometimes there is a fine line between safe operation and keeping the process productive. Recognizing the safety impacts upon operations is a crucial step in creating systems that deliver quick safe access, while guaranteeing that efficiency is maintained and output rates are secured.

Castell’s scope of product extends far past the products listed in its catalog. ISE Controls from its Indianapolis, Indiana facility is able to help you design a system that meets your particular requirements. Talk to ISE Controls about the specifics of your application and we will work with Castell to provide a solution which far exceeds your requirements.

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