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Machine Safeguarding

Machine safeguarding is done with a variety of different products. The particular project or application that you have will determine the best way to protect the machine operators, maintenance people, and other personnel around the machine. ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana has a generous amount of manufacturers that it partners with in the machine safety market. Every manufacturer makes product that in its own way has the goal of safeguarding the machine but each application dictates which product is best. More than any other area, machine safeguarding requires well trained personnel that are familiar with the vast array of products in the market to help you design the best safety system.

ISE Controls has the trained people mentioned above. They often will meet with customers like yourself to understand the particular needs of the application, suggest different products that could be used, discuss the pros and cons of each method, and come up with a proposal that meets the customers’ needs. Often with safety systems, the integration and implementation of the products is as important as the products themselves. ISE Controls has partnered with various safety integrators that are TUV Certified to implement your safety system. All this assures you that your machinery will be productive but safe at the same time.

The list of products that are used in a safety system is quite lengthy. ISE Controls can provide gate interlocks, safety light curtains, e-stop buttons, rope pull systems, safety relays and PLC’s, safety mats, safety bumpers, safety scanners, trapped-key systems, and much more.

We look forward to working with you to provide the safety system best suited for your needs.