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Panasonic Industrial Sensors

Panasonic Automation manufactures a variety of industrial sensor products. From presence sensing products to more advanced specialty sensors, Panasonic has the sensor for your needs.


They utilize a variety of technologies for their presence sensing products such as Fiber Optics, Self-Contained LED Photoelectric technology, Inductive metal detecting technology, and Laser technology. Some of these same areas of expertise can be used to measure distance with analog outputs from the sensor. Panasonic also produces pressure sensors for measuring air and non-corrosive gas flow.

Panasonic also excels in a variety of specific need sensors, such as measurement light grids for detecting an object and/or measuring the size of the object, double sheet detectors for metal sheets, color mark sensors, and liquid level or leak detectors.

No matter what your requirement is, Panasonic has a superior solution for you. ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana will be able to help you select the proper product to fit your needs. Often times, ISE Controls can provide you multiple alternatives from Panasonic to achieve your goals. You can decide the one that fits your particular requirements best.



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