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Disconnect Switches

Sprecher + Schuh’s L7 line of modular non-fused disconnect switches are small, reliable and perfect for most disconnect applications including motor disconnects. Components that are easy to assemble and mix and match allow you to create many standard switch variations for disconnecting motors up to 100 amps. The L7 disconnect switch is UL-508 approved for use as a motor disconnect. Disconnects are available in 3-Pole, 6-Pole and Changeover configurations. They are also available as an enclosed disconnect switch in a painted steel, non-metallic or stainless steel enclosure.


Their L11 line of both fused and non-fused disconnects comply with UL98 service entrance needs and are NFPA 79 compliant. This family of rod-operated switches is the answer for small panel space and short circuit protection requirements. These are available from 30A up to 1200A, and protect motors up to 500HP. The L11 may be used on circuits capable of delivering up to a 200,000A short circuit fault. The L11 Fusible Disconnects are available in Classes CC, J and HRCII fuse types with or without blown fuse indication. These are also available as enclosed disconnect solutions in painted steel, non-metallic or stainless steel enclosures.


It is very important to select the proper means of disconnect for your application. Contact ISE Controls in Indianapolis, Indiana for the assistance you need to best protect the people and equipment around your machine.

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