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Motor Protection

Sprecher + Schuh’s CEP7 solid state overload relays offer cutting edge technology with many advanced features. These include selectable trip settings, a wide current adjustment range, NO trip contacts, NC isolated alarm contact, a rugged mechanical and electrical mounting, and an array of user-installable modules for remote reset, jam protection, ground fault detection, or thermistor relay, which can be matched with an Intelli-button which is an electronic remote indication device for panel mounting. Profibus or Ethernet connectivity are also available. The CEP7 mounts directly to the CA7 contactors or can be separately mounted up to 120 amps or on CA6 contactors up to 800 amps.


CT7N Bimetallic Thermal Overload Relays guarantee dependable protection with differential tripping, user calibration, and temperature compensation. These overload relays include numerous stock features not included on conventional overload protection devices. These overload relays are created to mount directly to the Sprecher + Schuh CA7 Contactors. CT7N thermal overloads are the best alternative for VFD or DC current applications. Standard features include automatic/manual reset, and isolated alarm circuit contacts.


CT8 Thermal Overload Relays are effective motor protection for applications up to 7.5HP. The CT8 Overloads offer consistent and dependable protection in a cost effective thermal overload relay. It is designed to mount to Sprecher + Schuh’s CA8 Contactors. Stock features include Differential Tripping, Automatic/Manual reset, and isolated alarm circuits.


CEP9 Electronic Overloads are a modular motor protection product, created with advanced field installed communication, control and sensing modules. Communication modules are also available for Ethernet, Analog and TCP/IP communication methods.


We at ISE Controls, in Indianapolis, Indiana are ready to help you protect your motor circuits by suggesting the proper overload device for your requirements. Contact ISE Controls today.

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