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Sprecher + Schuh Fractional HP Manual Starters allow for simple starting of motors up to 1 HP. The FMS consists of a snap switch along with a solder-ratchet thermal overload. The fractional manual starter is offered with a surface mounted Type 1 enclosure with or without an indicating light for various single phase voltages. Heaters are ordered separately.


KWIKstarters control motors up to 30HP in two enclosure sizes.  Kwikstarters are a space saving package for both reversing and non-reversing applications. Sprecher + Schuh has a wide selection of pre-assembled or build to order from stock components KWIKstarters enclosed in non-metallic, cUL approved, Type 1, 12, 4 or 4x enclosures. The KWIKstarter II line is a starter built from standard CA7 and Sprecher + Schuh overload relays, either prewired or pre-mounted to meet the customer’s needs.


Sprecher + Schuh also offers reversing or non-reversing open magnetic motor starters which are an assembly of a contactor, overload relay and associated wiring. Sprecher + Schuh enclosed magnetic motor starters are sold in any type of enclosure; Type 1, 12, 3, 4, and 4X stainless steel. A non-metallic enclosure is also available. Options and modifications include Current Transformers, control relays, timers, pilot devices, voltage and phase monitors, and more.


Sprecher + Schuh’s through-the-door combination starters are available in fusible, non-fusible and circuit breakers versions. Combination starters are sold in Type 1, 12, 3R, 4, and 4X Metallic, non-metallic and stainless steel enclosures. Components for these labeled starters are mounted and wired in the enclosure. Modifications include Control Transformers, control relays, timers, auxiliaries, pilot devices, voltage and phase monitors, and underload detection and more.


Sprecher + Schuh’s UL508 certified panel shop is a preferred manufacturer of custom industrial control panels. Sprecher + Schuh makes a wide variety of custom panels from small two starter enclosures, to large complex multiple softstarter designed panels, in single or double door panel styles. Their knowledgeable engineering staff will design any panel for custom applications to meet all the various rating agency standards. Sprecher + Schuh works with the customer through the use of approval drawings and schematics to ensure that the end product is exactly what the customer wants.

ISE Controls, in Indianapolis, Indiana can work with you to design the exact starter and modifications to meet your needs. Contact ISE Controls today.


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