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Euchner Locking Safety Switches

EUCHNER locking safety interlocks are used when there is a need to lock the door of a work cell in order to allow the machine time to return to a safe state before personnel are allowed to enter the cell. Sometimes there is residual hazardous motion of the machine after the stop command. An example of this would be the coast to stop of a saw blade or a return to home of a robot after its cycle. The lock can also protect the parts being made from defects due to premature stoppage of the machine cycle. Call ISE Controls I n Indianapolis, Indiana today to start updating your safety system.

Plastic Housing

  • TP Switch

  • STP Switch

  • STM Switch

  • TQ Switch

  • TK Switch

Metal Housing

  • STA Switch

  • STP Switch

  • TX Switch

File Name File Size
Euchner TP 2 MB
Euchner STP 1 MB
Euchner STM 2 MB
Euchner TQ 1 MB
Euchner TK 1 MB
Euchner TZ 1 MB
Euchner STA 2 MB
Euchner TX 1 MB